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Real estate Brokers (Industrial / commercial)

Listing, marketing / promoting, and trying to sell a contaminated property or land can be a very challenging and onerous task.  The listing can sit for months (or even years) on the market without getting an acceptable number of showings, let alone any respectable or presentable offers on it.  This challenge is compounded by negative stigmas getting associated with your listing and causing it to expire or terminated by your client.    

This is where Pro-X Brownfield can help you immediately.  Leveraging on the relationships we have formed with our strategic partners, we can quickly understand the unique concerns and opportunity your listing might present and can provide you with two solutions:  

  1. Make an offer to purchase your listing and most importantly indemnify your client against any future legal or environmental liabilities associated with it  
  2. Contact one of our strategic partners on your behalf to help you get a better understanding of the underlying issues regarding your listing and possibly presenting an offer to your client.

Alternatively, we partner with any agents who have knowledge of Brownfield sites regardless of their status as a listing agent.

Bankruptcy Trustees

Many of our Brownfield acquisitions have come through the bankruptcy process because as a company finds itself in financial woes, the last avenue it takes to allocate money for, is continued clean-up of new or old environmental problems.  

We quickly help you come to terms with the amount of contamination within the property in question and can offer in some cases, to purchase the distressed property in an as-is state. This effectively removes any further liability on the part of the owners or creditors. 


Environmental Engineers perform Phase I and II environmental site assessments and remediation plans for their clients. Their clients use these services for a variety of reasons, which include legal, financial, succession planning or redevelopment purposes.

Pro-X Brownfield can step in as a value added service to understand the challenges and opportunities, which include purchasing the property and the underlying environmental liabilities and move the property forward to a new use. We would enjoy any opportunity where an Engineering company is willing to refer us to their clients to engage in these types of discussions.


Developers have transformed Brownfield properties into everything from golf courses and driving ranges to mixed developments with housing, offices, shopping, and open space.  

As a developer, your goal is to find environmentally clean sites to plan and build a successful development.  Pro-X Brownfield specializes and is committed to seeking out, purchasing, remediating sites within Ontario to a reusable or sellable state. We can help you own such strategically good sites.  

Alternatively, you have purchased a parcel of land that you have now found in some way contaminated.  We can partner with you to provide a profitable solution, turning them from possible liabilities into successful developments.


Property Owner / Business Owner

Many Brownfield owners are satisfied with leaving their properties in their current condition. In some cases the neighbourhood property values may seem too low to justify any sort of investment in the site. In other cases, the level of contamination is so slight that it seems unlikely to harm anyone.

 A property owner who decides to do nothing should be sure that the decision is based on a full understanding of the situation. Unfortunately, many owners may not have full information or analyze all the implications of leaving a contaminated Property as is. Community members may be able to convince an owner to reconsider the decision to let the property sit, but the owner may resent such an intrusion. In particular, the owner should look at possible liabilities for environmental contamination. Even potential liability can affect a business, making it harder to get credit or raise equity for projects not directly related to the contaminated Property.

 Also, a property owner who is letting a contaminated property sit idle probably should make sure that things are not about to get worse. If the site is posing a health or environmental threat to neighbours, delay could lead to bigger injuries and bigger liabilities. On a site bad enough to justify government attention, an owner who waits may be inviting cleanup on expensive terms dictated by the government, possibly with years spent with attorneys arguing over the process. In such a situation both the owner and the community may lose as the cleanup is likely to take longer, be more expensive, and not be coordinated with redevelopment options.

 If you are an owner of a perceived or contaminated land and it is your goal to sell it or have it reused for another purpose, Pro-X Brownfield has all the professional services to help you make the best use decision for your property.


Lawyers, Accountants & Financial Advisors

All three professionals try to help businesses and individuals plan for estate and succession planning needs.  When this occurs, there is sometimes a desire to not leave any lingering problems for future generations.    

We help your clients divest themselves of a building or property that they know has environmental problems.  We evaluate it for our portfolio by adding dollars to an estate plan and assuming the liability of the property moving forward, so future generations are worry-free.

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