Case Studies

Wilson Avenue, Toronto
Evaluation        remediation        Sale: 12 months

Evaluation/ Acquisition

We identified a site in the heart of Toronto’s industrial area near the 401 highway. The 4.1 acre property, Wilson & 401 area of Toronto, was owned by a chemical manufacturer, who had occupied the site since 1949, and ceased operations in 2001. The site remained vacant since that time, and the process areas of the site were demolished in 2003 and 2004. Overall, even before further testing, we felt that there was an opportunity to pursue this property. A purchase agreement was made with the seller contingent on us ensuring that the property would be cleaned to a Record of Site Condition so no liability would fall back to the chemical manufacturer.


The facility was a resin and emulsion manufacturing plant. At the time of closing the facility, the site had two main production buildings with a total of six reactors and associated support equipment. It had 48 aboveground storage tanks (AST) in three tank farms that were used for bulk raw materials and finish product storage. The production buildings and three tank farms (2,500 m²) were located on the western side of the property. The site shipped in bulk tank truck and rail car, along the onsite rail spur, as well as drum quantities of finished product. After remediation project, the site was tested again to ensure remediation had brought the property to a Record of Site Condition


Initially, borehole excavation was conducted. Borehole locations were determined by former locations of concerned areas and along a grid pattern. Based on the results of the analytical testing of the collected samples, an area was excavated measuring 100m by 75m, with a maximum depth of 5m below ground. Contaminated soil and building foundations within the vicinity of the production buildings and three tank farms were removed. The rail spur and surrounding soil was also removed from the site. A total of 1000 tonnes of contaminated soil was removed from the site. The excavation was backfilled with clean fill, levelled and compacted for future development.


A portion of the property was expropriated by MTO for road expansion. A Record of Site Condition was filed for the site and the clean property was sold to a private company.

Time Line

From purchase to sale: less than 12 months

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