Case Studies

Danforth Avenue, Toronto
Gas Station: Evaluation        Record of Site approval        sale :15 Months

Evaluation/ Acquisition

We acquired this property because it fit into a number of categories that we were looking for. The property was within a developable area around Danforth and Coxwell, which is a higher density area in Toronto. Given the former uses of the property, we felt comfortable with the expected contamination and with our strategic partner’s ability to clean the contamination in a reasonable amount of time. Being a former service station, the most likely contaminants were hydrocarbons.


Borehole excavation was conducted. Based on the results of the analytical testing of the collected samples, it was discovered that soil contamination spread near the property line. Shoring was required to ensure integrity of the public sidewalk along the street. Steel I beams and railroad ties were installed along the property lines. The final excavation measured 16m by 17m, with a maximum depth of 5m below ground. A total of 500 tonnes of hydrocarbon contaminated soil was removed off site. In addition, a total of 54,770 litres of oily water accumulated in the excavation was pumped out and disposed of off-site.


Analytical results of confirmatory testing established the soil conditions on site were within MOE standards. Clean sand backfilled the excavation and the shoring remained to minimize recontamination to the site. A Record of Site Condition was filed for the site.


The clean property was marketed and sold to a parking authority, to be developed into a community parking lot.

Time Line

From purchase to sale: 15 months


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