About Us

Pro-X Brownfield is a private company that finds favourable investment opportunities in brownfield redevelopment projects, and then manages the investment from purchase through remediation to sale or development. We have successfully been in operation since 2005. The company was founded to take advantage of the growing need for clean building sites within our cities.

Land is limited and every step needs to be taken to protect and re-use existing developed land. Pro-X Brownfield ensures that such land gets recycled and effectively transitioned within the community. The end result is a viable commercial, industrial or public use property.

We buy properties that have been contaminated in some way and take each property and remediate it to such an extent that it can take on a new use within the community or take on a similar previous use, in a cleaner way.

 We achieve our goal in three steps:

  1. Seek out, research and purchase Brownfield properties
  2. Remediate them to a rehabilitated (clean, green and safe) state successfully by working with our strategic partners
  3. Develop the remediated property ourselves or sell it to developers

In all cases, Pro-X Brownfield investigates the true environmental concerns and assesses the risks for current and future owners of Brownfield properties. We continuously depend on our experience and expertise to find the best solution for all parties involved.


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